Thursday, February 18, 2010

Australian's increase their intake of takeaway regardless of the glut of food shows and chefs

This is an interesting article

I am not surprised by this fact and in many ways the media can be held responsible. Everybody it seems is a celebrity chef and writing recipes which is fine however what has been overlooked is that people have lost the knowledge with regards to "how to cook", and "the knowledge of preparing food and "the food". They are disconnected from it and therefore "quick steps" are made difficult and there is a inability to  improvise and less appreciation for working simply with the product. This translates into a opportunity for sponsors to sell their gadgets which clutter our houses, provoke consumption and prevent us for touching and working with our hands. There is something enjoyable about whisking eggs. Does anybody ever think where there gadgets will go to and the fact that will eventually plastic and all form part of the soil which grows our veggies...mmmm food for thought!

We need to educate people with regards to the benefits environmentally of eating "good" food that is unprocessed and produced locally and is seasonal. They need help on how to poach, conserve, preserve and improvise and to be resourceful. People are put off from entertaining because of shows that make it so dramatic "My kitchen Rules"! A cauliflower soup with real cream and some old baguette, thyme from the garden rubbed with garlic is simple and delicious followed by a roasted nectarine and some well loved rice pudding. It is the process and simplicity which is missing. We believe we can't entertain unless it is complex and then we feel that we must be competitive and live up to the pictures and the people.

Sustainability means less on your menu but more thought and refining what you have so it is the best you can offer and using the best produce. It is a simple equation - the cauliflower is not that expensive and abundant in season, the bread left over and the thyme nothing so if you spend a little more to support a dairy farmer that honors his/her cows and makes cream using sustainable farming practices it is a small proportion of the meal but a significant purchasing decision for planet, people and plate.

We would be better off having some retired members of the Australian Country Women’s Association on television than the "food porn" that we have at the moment. There is hope with shows like The Chef and the Cook and Stephanie Alexander however we need to help the population and keep it real so that we inspire change, restore basic skills and help people make a stronger connection of food to soil to health to planet......

Why can't our food media stir us deeply rather than skimming the surface and focussing on fads. Do we get reports on the number of vegetables and fruit species that go missing each year?

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