Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Handmade sustainable means - original, pure, beautiful and cared for

This is an unusual post as it's  not food related. The common thread is  the company is called "Dandelion" and behind it is Beck a adorable lady from Dalesford, Victoria make "bunnies" for children from left over alpaca offcuts and other fabrics.

These are soft, made with so much consideration, thought and love and are all individual. I adore having an excuse to buy one.

It's so special to receive a gift that is made just for you,free from nasty chemicals and dyes. These bunnies are a keep sake and really have their own personalities.

Buying one also is supporting a Mum with children in a local community rather than a large scale manufacturing plant in China.

Love Food Hate Waste - seasonal leftovers

Mmm we waste so much food and people complain cooking takes time but really it's not true.
It is more about thought and creativty. For example last night whilst on hold to a telephone carrier I made a  meal cleaning out the fridge
  • Batlow apples - Australian owned - panfried, chopped
  • Fennel sliced
  • Parsley - off the window sill
  • Almonds
  • Butter beans
  • 2 rasher of bacon diced
  • Sage - little old yet lovely flavour
  • Pepper
  • Salt
  • Olive oil from  Orange Region NSW

It was delicious! Check http://www.lovefoodhatewaste.com/
The fundemental thing was that all the ingredients were local and great tasting alone so it did not take much to jazz it up.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Eating in Season - where have the seasons gone to?

I was researching some content for a Northern Rivers "food calendar" today and it occurred to me that there was really not an accurate one and the reason for this as that there are variations in seasons and it is not as straight forward as Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring in all areas. Things that are allocated to a season are finding their way into other seasons sort of a seasonal migration because of the changes in climate. We are finding that basil is still growing because it is warmer but we are missing out on other things along the way.

My point being that if we are going to get people to eat local we need to provide them with as accurate information as possible about what is in season in their area and get down to the actual variety detail. This helps people to really get why we are in such strife on the planet.

In Australia - we never see anything on food calendars noting Indigenous seasons and I wonder how we can learn more so we work in harmony with our climates http://www.csiro.au/science/Ngadju.html

A review needs to take place for our  "Grow" calendars - planting times are changing and what used to grow easily at a certain time takes more effort.

School Gardens get results..

It is no suprise really - children love to interact and are naturally curious to experiment they make the perfect gardeners. This is such a better use of money and more should be spent on schools and providing space for proper canteens. Health Pyramids and rules around food are so uninspiring. Children forget about the number and type when they are in the garden and vegetables take on a whole new world.

No wonder children don't eat enough vegetables the ones they are fed from the supermarket generally are tasteless. I went to a rugby match for 14 year old boys in Orange a few weeks ago. I stopped at the Farmers' Market and picked up a box of apples as everyone had to take something for morning tea.
The apples still had the leaves on some of them and were outstanding. It was amazing how parents and children alike were bowled over by the apples - how they tasted and the beauty of them.
They were straight off the tree and had travelled about 2km with no storage, packeging or other treatment - ymm! I know Woolworths donates apples to school children but it really is not the same thing as we know hence the need for more gardens and fruit trees to line the schools.

In the same light I wish we could embrace sustainability with more creativity less about quotas and legislation more about design and rewarding resourcefulness.
School Gardens

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Primo fined top dollar for incorrect labelling -watch out others

http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2010/06/09/2922602.htm?section=justinThank goodness we are seeing a turning of the tide with labelling and packeging of food. I am sure as more companies are exposed we will start to see a more correct representation of the cost to producing food which is good, clean and fair.

We are still awarding Royal Agriculture winners even though they are making jam from imported fruit and selling this at Farmers Markets around the country. It is imperitive that we have stricter guidelines on food labelling as in doing so it values the farmers and producers that are working hard to doing things the proper way and stay in the game.

Governments can do so much however consumers can demand that supermarkets stock local and go back to their suppliers for more info.

Try buying a jam in NSW which does not contain imported fruit - very scary because you cannot.
Try buying a juice from NSW at a cafe you can't. The only company actually using onlu local product is Nudie Juice and they use Batlow Apples - good on your Nudie.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Free amazing, inspiring sustainability lectures everywhere

I will dedicate some more time to the blog as I have horded content and ideas for the past five years that I cannot wait to share.  I am in the process of moving North, Bangalow, Byron area.  I am going to live in a converted barn not far from Bangalow..more on this later but the exciting new is I can still work on projects in Sydney however the difference in rent will allow me to continue my business and  I can grow foods, have the chickens and experiement growing more heritage foods ealier than expected as the barn is on a property with an owener who kindly wants to grow more...

Inspiring talks - there are so many things on it is so encouraging and affordable for all. I wish more people who support these talks as they really help us to make sense of what is truly happening in our world and be able to decipher government mumbo jumbo. Communities can create change and these type of talks and lecture provoke thought and inspire change.

I watched a documentary "Fresh" at the Alexander Community Centre a few fridays ago and ate organic popcorn - this was such a generous act and so enjoyable compliments of  Milkwood Permaculture - thank you.

 Corporates take note you spend so much on advertising why not create events or opportunities for people it is a much more constructive use of resources.
Well done to Universities, Councils and people like Milkwood Permaculture and any other speakers that dedicate their time to organising these events.

July 1st People before Nature FREE Public Lecture UTS "People Before Nature" if you are interested email me or call Robert Button 02 9514 1734 UTS Sydney
More to come also check out Live Local http://www.livelocal.com.au/

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Good Life - TV producers take note!

It is no suprise that my favourite show as a little girl was The Good Life. I used to stay with my Nan in England every year and from living in Papua New Guinea with no television to England tv was a treat.
I loved the show...The relentless dedication to doing things properly and caring about the planet.
Producers be inspired to make something like this again but please don't make it another reality tv show or a competition we don't want a world of winner and losers
The Good Life