Monday, March 15, 2010

Slow Money - Share at market.............

I love Slow Money it makes so much sense and it the root of the problems that we have and the only way we will create real change in the world. We are talking the talk but our investing is contricting what we say.
If we were to evaluate  a stock in terms of what it contributes to people and planet there would certainly be a different share market.

I take the principle of Slow Money a step further and think we should look at how each investment contributes or costs and publish this to shareholders. We are never going to solve the issues of the planet unless we change consumption and reward companies that are committed to contributing rather than costing.

Slow Money ........
The idea is a simple one: invest as if food, farms and fertility actually mattered. Get anyone who invests money (and if you have a 401k or an IRA, that's you too) to direct just 1% of it toward small food enterprises and local food systems. Get at least that small sum of money out of the hands of Wall Street, huge banks and multinationals and use it, quite literally, as seed money. Invest in local farms, food systems, artisans, brewers, bakers, cheesemakers and so on and keep that money close to home.

We'd create a thriving economy that makes real, healthy food, instead of a fake one that just makes money for bankers. One that invests in people and the land, not in some distant amorphous concept called Wall Street.

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