Monday, June 7, 2010

Free amazing, inspiring sustainability lectures everywhere

I will dedicate some more time to the blog as I have horded content and ideas for the past five years that I cannot wait to share.  I am in the process of moving North, Bangalow, Byron area.  I am going to live in a converted barn not far from Bangalow..more on this later but the exciting new is I can still work on projects in Sydney however the difference in rent will allow me to continue my business and  I can grow foods, have the chickens and experiement growing more heritage foods ealier than expected as the barn is on a property with an owener who kindly wants to grow more...

Inspiring talks - there are so many things on it is so encouraging and affordable for all. I wish more people who support these talks as they really help us to make sense of what is truly happening in our world and be able to decipher government mumbo jumbo. Communities can create change and these type of talks and lecture provoke thought and inspire change.

I watched a documentary "Fresh" at the Alexander Community Centre a few fridays ago and ate organic popcorn - this was such a generous act and so enjoyable compliments of  Milkwood Permaculture - thank you.

 Corporates take note you spend so much on advertising why not create events or opportunities for people it is a much more constructive use of resources.
Well done to Universities, Councils and people like Milkwood Permaculture and any other speakers that dedicate their time to organising these events.

July 1st People before Nature FREE Public Lecture UTS "People Before Nature" if you are interested email me or call Robert Button 02 9514 1734 UTS Sydney
More to come also check out Live Local

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