Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Handmade sustainable means - original, pure, beautiful and cared for

This is an unusual post as it's  not food related. The common thread is  the company is called "Dandelion" and behind it is Beck a adorable lady from Dalesford, Victoria make "bunnies" for children from left over alpaca offcuts and other fabrics.

These are soft, made with so much consideration, thought and love and are all individual. I adore having an excuse to buy one.

It's so special to receive a gift that is made just for you,free from nasty chemicals and dyes. These bunnies are a keep sake and really have their own personalities.

Buying one also is supporting a Mum with children in a local community rather than a large scale manufacturing plant in China.


  1. Thanks for the lovely post about Dandelion, Alison. I really appreciate your kind words. Love your new blog too, take care xo

  2. hug another tree hippy

  3. Hi Alison,
    Have done one of your lovely day Fork & Field days in Bangalow (in 2011)...and felt inspired ever since. Realise you are busy...but oh please continue with this blog which I have only just unearthed!!!!
    (I too have made a huge change leaving lots behind in Sydney to go in a different direction in life (similar to yours).
    So I understand how hectic such a move can make our lives. So maybe you are a little squeezed for time these days. Hope you can find a few minutes now and again though to blog about what you are up to! I guess I will just have to sign up for another one of your courses to find out!!!

  4. Loved the little hand made toys. For time poor people (or those not particulary good at researching) could you please add a link to the Dandelion Co website to email address to "Beck"....I was very impressed are ready to buy two for my gradchildren straight away actually. It would have been a good encourager!!!