Friday, June 25, 2010

Eating in Season - where have the seasons gone to?

I was researching some content for a Northern Rivers "food calendar" today and it occurred to me that there was really not an accurate one and the reason for this as that there are variations in seasons and it is not as straight forward as Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring in all areas. Things that are allocated to a season are finding their way into other seasons sort of a seasonal migration because of the changes in climate. We are finding that basil is still growing because it is warmer but we are missing out on other things along the way.

My point being that if we are going to get people to eat local we need to provide them with as accurate information as possible about what is in season in their area and get down to the actual variety detail. This helps people to really get why we are in such strife on the planet.

In Australia - we never see anything on food calendars noting Indigenous seasons and I wonder how we can learn more so we work in harmony with our climates

A review needs to take place for our  "Grow" calendars - planting times are changing and what used to grow easily at a certain time takes more effort.

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