Friday, June 25, 2010

School Gardens get results..

It is no suprise really - children love to interact and are naturally curious to experiment they make the perfect gardeners. This is such a better use of money and more should be spent on schools and providing space for proper canteens. Health Pyramids and rules around food are so uninspiring. Children forget about the number and type when they are in the garden and vegetables take on a whole new world.

No wonder children don't eat enough vegetables the ones they are fed from the supermarket generally are tasteless. I went to a rugby match for 14 year old boys in Orange a few weeks ago. I stopped at the Farmers' Market and picked up a box of apples as everyone had to take something for morning tea.
The apples still had the leaves on some of them and were outstanding. It was amazing how parents and children alike were bowled over by the apples - how they tasted and the beauty of them.
They were straight off the tree and had travelled about 2km with no storage, packeging or other treatment - ymm! I know Woolworths donates apples to school children but it really is not the same thing as we know hence the need for more gardens and fruit trees to line the schools.

In the same light I wish we could embrace sustainability with more creativity less about quotas and legislation more about design and rewarding resourcefulness.
School Gardens

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